Welcome to the official website for Meridian - The most luxurious condo building in San Diego, California.  Please feel free to browse the menu items, read about our history and ammenities, and browse our amazing photos.  We have also included valuable resources for anyone visiting the San Diego area.  After visiting our website, you will understand why the Meridian is the finest condo building in San Diego.  
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Some menu items are hidden from the general public, and only accessible by residents.  To view the hidden items, please register for access at the top right of the page.

Once registered, residents can find useful information about the Meridian community, including newsletters, meeting minutes, policies, forms, social events, Board of Directors, resident directory, links to neighborhood resources, and more.  You can even sign up to have community newsletters sent directly to you via email.  If you need more information please use the Contact Us link to send an email.  Thank you for visiting our website.

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